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Outside Interests To Get Business You Don’t Need To Play Golf

April 1, 2011

There are many different ways of business generation. I have always found that outside interests are a great way to meet new people and potentially get business at the same time. Like many of my female friends, I do not play golf, but have other interests that enable me to meet and connect with many different types of  people just as well. Many of these people have become my good friends as well as clients.
Both running and books are two interests of mine, so a book club and running club were easy picks for my first clubs to join. Although business generation was not what I originally anticipated when I joined these clubs, it became a consequence of the diverse and positive relationships I formed with people in the groups. As a solo female practitioner, I discovered that since I am completely dependent upon myself for my contacts, combining getting business with doing something I enjoyed made sense. Even though I did not fully realize how much business I would get at the time I joined the clubs.
Although I might want to take up golf at some point, now I can look to my many outside interests and find something that I am already doing as a great source of both personal satisfaction and business contacts.

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